Thursday, 28 November 2013

November's Birchbox

I was very impressed with last month's Birchbox so I had to continue it! November's offering was just as brilliant - it's included two products that have become part of my daily products I've been using. However, I do wish Birchbox would change their boxes/packaging as it would be nice to have them themed every month (maybe I'm just asking for too much). But they do make brilliant storage for my make up collection!

| English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Parfum - From £16 |
I really like the smell of this. It's a real fresh fragrance with jasmine petals and musk. It's been described as a tap into an English country garden. I can't wait to use this sample size on my trip to Birmingham next weekend, perfect travel size!

| Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo - £8.95 |
I always hear great things about Weleda products so I was excited to see this in my beauty box. I haven't tried this out yet but I've got to say the smell is a little off putting. No doubt I'll still use it then to see what the Weleda hype is all about.

| Pukka Herbs Selection Of Teas - £2.29 |
Now I might shock a few of you hear but I aren't a massive fan of tea at all. I don't even think I drink it once a month so a flavoured offering wasn't really my cup of tea (I'm sorry, that was an awful pun.) The smell of them from the enclosed packet was enough for me. I made good use of them though and passed them onto someone else that would enjoy them more than myself.

| Birchbox Pencil Sharpener - £3 |
What I love about this pencil sharpener is that when you do get the pencils out for a sharpen the shavings of the products won't drop here there and everywhere as it's a sealed up type sharpener box, so it can be emptied when a bin is near by. It's got two different size wholes too.

| Chella Highlighter Pencil (Ivory Lace) - £15.95 |
Without a doubt my favourite product from this month's box. This highlighter pencil from Chella has been a lifesaver on these early dark mornings to brighten up tired eyes and cover them vile under eye circles. I really couldn't be happier with this wonderful little pencil.

| Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Wash - £18 |
Another one I haven't tried out yet but it smells lovely on first impressions, it's not a strong fragrance at all but perfumed products don't sit well with my skin sometimes. I'm quite liking the packaging of this little bottle too, feels very luxurious indeed. 

| Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara - £18.50 |
Now Birchbox are spoiling me with these Laura Mercier products aren't they?! I've been using this a fair amount since it dropped through the letterbox and been enjoying it a lot. It certainly looks brilliant with winged eye liner as well!

So another Birchbox and another impressed customer in the shape of me.
Have you tried out Birchbox yet?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Blogger's New Best Friend?!

Personally I was gutted when an email dropped in my mail box to say that Wantworthy were shutting down a little while ago now and I searched for something similar with no luck until now. Introducing to you Mallzee! "Your nifty personalised shopping app with a social twist."
Mallzee holds over 200 brands and I guarantee a few of your favourites will be there, which you can share with your family and friends via social networks to get their opinion on the latest pair of shoes you are eyeing up. So firstly you are going to need to download the app - you can do that from your phone or click this link HERE to find out more. Now the app is only available currently for Apple products - iPhone, Mac, iPod and all that jazz. So when you download the app it gives you a little tutorial on how it works - double tap the screen if you like something, pinch the screen if you don't and hold the screen if you want to share with your friends. Not convinced yet? Allow me.
So as you can see you can filter what you want to see - what style of clothing, what colour, what store..
I can't imagine how handy this clever little app is going to be when I need a dress for the weekend and I can scroll through to find the perfect style without traipsing around the shops on my lunch break. Brands you can browse around on the app include: Motel Rocks, Miss Selfridge, BooHoo, Urban Outfitters, ASOS & so many more too! Also, it has him and her option available.

Sick of sending endless links, screen shots and so on to your friends to get their opinion? Now all you have to do is a quick hold of the screen and your friends can see straight away and give you their, hopefully, honest opinion of your latest fashion find.

Personally I can't wait to get even more stuck in with this app, it's so useful for on the go day to day events. The most exciting part is it's aimed at bloggers too!

Make sure to go and download the app now.

What do you think about Mallzee?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lifestyle - Two gigs in one week & Update!

A bit of a mixed post today but so far on my blog I haven't touched on any lifestyle really. So on Monday straight after work I ventured off to see Beady Eye at Wolves Civic Hall. I hadn't been to the venue before and I really liked it, totally different to anywhere else I'd been before. So now some of you might be like "wait, who are Beady Eye?" Basically, they are Oasis but without Noel Gallagher. Now a lot of people don't like him but personally I love his arrogant attitude but to see Liam Gallagher, my male hero was so amazing. I was really expecting him to not sound very good as he is knocking on a bit now but I was proved wrong and it's one of the best gigs I have ever been to.
Me and my best friend Zoe got to the barrier (why on earth do security stand in such stupid places though?!)

Then on Wednesday night it was off to Birmingham to see Arctic Monkeys at the LG Arena. Now if you are a bit clued up in the music world then you might know that originally this gig was cancelled very last minute. I was due to see them on Halloween but getting half way down the motorway to see they had cancelled wasn't leaving me very impressed. So they had a lot to live up and they certainly didn't let me down. A little young Irish band The Strypes were supporting them but after queueing for the shuttle bus from the car park and then for a few drinks it meant we only caught the last few songs (luckily I saw them back in July on their own tour though!) Back to the arctics anyway, oh my they were bloody brilliant. I do think it could be the best gig I have ever been to, certainly worth the wait. Everything about it, the atmosphere, the set list.. Everything. 

Managed to get a few pretty looking pictures as well on my phone!

Now for the next bit.. If you have read my blog before and remember it you might notice I've given it a little makeover. I was never really happy with it originally so I redesigned it and now I'm pretty happy, for now anyway. Along with my new blog design I've decided to make both a Twitter and Instagram pages for my blog. Most simply because I want to keep my personal ones separate from my blogging bits and bobs.

You can find my Twitter page HERE and my Instagram page HERE.
And don't forget I am going to be blogging everyday of December so following me on a few platforms will let you know when my posts go live or will be going live as well!

So what have you been up to lately?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Battle of the: Primers (Drugstore Edition)

Firstly I am so sorry about the lack of posts in the past week but let me tell you why.. I've been busy with work and also MY PLANNING TO BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY OF DECEMBER. I've been thinking about it for a little while but it's all finally coming together so make sure you are following for posts every single day. If you can handle that much of my ramblings anyway!

So this is a new feature on my blog and the first one is all about primers. I choose three products from my collection and give them a bit of a dance off (Okay not a dance off, a primer off). I want to focus on drugstore as I find it so much more affordable on my budget and primers are a make-up product I've only gotten into the past few months to see if they improve my daily appearance.

First off the most expensive out of the three. It comes out as a white liquid. I find it's got a thin texture to it which makes it runny and using more than I probably should be. It does the job though and is brilliant as it mattifies the face. Packing is pretty basic, even though it's white it's easily cleaned if it gets covered in muck though. 
This was the first face primer I ever tried and what a primer it was to start with. This actually my second tube in 4 months. It lasts for ages and I use it most days! It's a clear jel that comes out and I can tell straight away it's going to smooth my face and leave my make-up looking great all day. The texture of it is a little interesting but after a few uses you get used to it. It's a really spreadable primer due to the texture and glides on with ease.

This is my least favourite but it does have it's uses. What puts me off massively is the shimmer to it, so it could work well as a highlighter. It's a white shimmery liquid that blends into the skin. For such a cheap price though it does the job but for me personally everyday use is out of the question. However, with the party season coming up it could be ideal for a glittery make up look!

Swatched! From top to bottom: NYC Cosmetics Primer, Collection Primed & Ready, Rimmel Fix & Perfect.

What's your favourite primer from the drugstore?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Introducing In Love With Fashion's #LOVE Campaign & DISCOUNT CODE!


Hello again. I really want to tell you about InLoveWithFashion's #LOVE Collection. They offer a variety of cropped personalised tee's. Perfect if you're after a slogan style basic that hasn't got 'GEEK' written over it. Want to know the best part about their #LOVE Collection though?! Each tee that is brought means £3.50 gets donated to The Prince's Trust. Here is a little more about the charity if you're not sure but basically they are a youth charity that help change young people's lives.

Now more about the tee's.. They are priced at £18 each and are all completely handmade, also they can be personalised. So how to style them?
Look 1 - I added the Ivory City Dress to this tee. The slogan is white so a white dress to match it, colour coordination and all that! The dress is fit and flare style dress so who doesn't love layering in the colder months?!

Look 2 - This more of a relaxed day time look. Hey, you could even wear this to the gym if you were feeling adventurous. Whoever said floral patterns were just for Spring and Summer time anyway.. The Floral Paisley Print Hareem Trousers have a base colour of black with deep reds and blues, working floral patterns in the winter!

Look 3 - Now I couldn't leave the tartan trend out could I? I really like this White Tartan Pleated Skirt and the skater style of it could work really well with a cropped tee. These colours really remind me of Christmas day for some reason - Have you got your Christmas outfit sorted yet?

I also picked out a few other items that could be styled with the looks, from left to right:

One last thing for all you bloggers:

Fancy a discount on me?
Just simply add 'LAURENSAYS20' at the checkout for 20% off. Get your hands on one of the #LOVE Collection tee's for £14.40 AND free delivery!! As well as money going to The Prince's Trust - you really can't go wrong!

And do you want to get involved with InLoveWithFashion's blogger programme the LOVE Fashion Academy? Find out more info here.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Autumn Nail Polish Picks

One thing you will slowly learn about me is that my nail polish collection is some what out of control. I'm not as bad as I used to be for it and I'm quite happy with drugstore polishes. I love deep shades and nudes so Autumn is my favourite time of the year for nail polish. I've tried to link as many as possible but some shades are no longer produced. So here is my favourite nail polishes for Autumn..

Firstly please excuse the window reflection on the nail colour (at least we know which ones are high shine)!
From left to right: | Avon Matte Nail Enamel (£6) - Red Velvet | Barry M Nail Paint (£2.99) - Raspberry | Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish (£2.99) - 195 Perfect Plum | Avon Nailwear Pro (£6) - Night Violet | Natural Collection Nail Colour (£1.89) - Lunar Haze | Nails Inc Limited Edition (£11) - Parsons Green

From right to left: | Leighton Denny Polish (£11) - On The Rocks | NYC Nail Colour (£1.79) - Park Ave | Barry M Matte Nail Paint (£3.99) - Vanilla | OPI Nail Lacquer (£11) - Glamour Game | Collecton Hot Looks Nails (£1.99) - Milkshake |

Do you have any favourite shades for Autumn? 

Friday, 8 November 2013

October's Birchbox

I'm always on the hunt for new products to try out whether it be beauty, health or hair related. After looking around at different monthly beauty boxes available I settled on Birchbox. It launched back in 2010 in New York and soon spread across to the UK, France and Spain. As a girl on a budget it's perfect to find out which high end products could work for me without purchasing a full size and not liking it. It's priced at £10 per month plus P+P. You get a selection of well known brands to brands who are looking for a little recognition and fan base!

First off the packaging is super cute. I love the fact the little box comes inside another larger box (especially when a naughty post man leaves my package outside in not so nice weather!) The packaging where the goods are kept is super sturdy and will definitely make a good storage box! And now what's inside? 

So 7 goodies to play around with as well as cute little cards with tips and tricks and all that on there! Yes that is Laura Mercier you are spotting as well..

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (£33) - Sand
Akane Mask Cocoon Nocturne (£18)
Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips (£11.50)
KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray (£15)
theBalm cosmetics Stainiac (£10) - Beauty Queen

Plus I got in October's box Birchbox Eyelash Curlers (£10) and 3 sachets of Egyptian Magic (£29)!
You can get your hands on November's offering at Birchbox here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Favourites

So my first monthly favourites post on my blog! I've finally hunted down my camera after the house move, only my standard digital camera for now as I'm having problems with my DSLR, grr! None the less I've just got the five things this month as I haven't really tried a lot of new things out.

Swatched! A real subtle shade.
I adore all of the Rimmel lipsticks by Kate Moss. I'm not going to lie the reason I tried them out was not because they are brilliant but just because I love Kate Moss, how naughty of me! Anyway, I really love this shade, I'm not very experimental with colours in my make-up as I am so so so pale. This colour though is a few shades give and take of my actual lip colour without any products on them. It just adds a little something and I've just enjoyed wearing this for a darker lip in autumn. 

This actually came free in a magazine recently (I can't remember which one now, sorry!). I already can't wait to repurchase it, how bad is that?! I have never been an eyeliner fan until now. Usually opting for a shadow liner out of an eyeshadow palette or something like that. I find this amazingly easy to use and the nib just glides easily. I've needed a long lasting make-up look this month quite a lot as I've had a few parties and gigs and I needed my make up to last the whole night (maybe even into the morning) and this is what I turned to. I was even more pleased to know Alexa Chung is a fan and she's bringing out her own range for Eyeko this month. I must get my hands on that!

I'm surprised Barry M hadn't brought this out sooner. I adore the look of matte nail polishes and this is no exception. The only downside is they usually chip after a day and top coat just ruins the effect.  I've been loving this colour though so I can deal with a applying another quick coat. I find it has a slight lilac hint to it. As I mentioned being pale comes with its difficulties and finding a nice nude shade that doesn't ridiculous on me is hard so congrats to Barry M!

Now I can't remember the last time I used anything in a bar of soap form until I was recommended this at the Clinque counter. As it gets colder my skin gets drier. I wouldn't say I suffered with terrible dry skin but it does get a little flaky around the t-zone area. The saleswoman said 'mild' would be the one for me and she was right. You are told to use it twice a day, so for me in the morning and evening shower. My skin has been left feeling super soft and keeping any dry areas at bay. I noticed a difference after the first time of use. It also comes with a cute little soap dish as well.
I had a little haul of The Body Shop last month and picked up a few bits and bobs. One being this toner. Now I've got the cleanser as well but with toner I find it's what leaves me feeling fresh and awake so it's perfect for in the morning. Now what I love about The Body Shop is that you can pick up smaller sizes of products which is perfect for exploring new items. I've nearly used up this toner so I will most definitely be repurchasing the larger bottle. It's left any blemishes at bay as well!

What have been your favourites in the past month?
Also, has anyone got any products they can recommend for reducing redness?

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Music Tag

I really wanted to get a post out there after a stressful week of moving house while fitting in other pre-booked events. I've got so many posts planned but my camera is in a box somewhere and I'm still not unpacked completely. Music is one of my biggest passions and this looked the perfect tag for me to have a crack at..
Image Source: We Heart It.

Favourite band/musician of the moment - The Courteeners. A 4 piece band from Manchester.  I've seen them live twice this year as well as the frontman Liam Fray at his own acoustic show. Excited to see them again in December as well!

One band you always come back to - Oasis. Who else? I might not listen to them for a week or two but I always come back to them, all time favourite band.

Favourite movie soundtrack - 500 Days Of Summer. One of my favourite scenes is when Tom is walking to work while Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap is playing away. 

What is/are your favourite song(s) of all time? - Okay there is a LOT to choose from but a few are in no particular order: Arctic Monkeys - 505, The Courteeners - The Opener, Oasis - Live Forever, The Verve - Lucky Man, Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own.

Most embarrassing song on your iTunes - I can't bring myself to delete Olly Murs' first album even though I never listen to it and always skip it on shuffle. My inner 6 year old self still loves S Club 7, no shame.

Top 3 Played Songs on your iTunes - 1. Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum, not surprised - a classic! 2. The Courteeners - Are You In Love With A Notion?, obsessed with these lyrics. 3. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - AKA.. What A Life, one of my feel good songs. 

Favourite gig you have attended - I've been to at least 30 gigs and a few festivals here and there so it's so hard to choose my favourite. I'm going to say V Festival '13 just because I saw so many one of my favourites in one weekend!

Most underrated musician in your opinion -  There's a really top singer/songwriter Danny Mahon from Manchester, I really love his stuff. Alistair Sheerin as well.

Favourite quote or song lyric - I could list so many lyrics so I'll go with a quote from the main man Noel Gallagher himself: "Everything's gonna be fine. Stay optimistic. If there's dark clouds coming, they'll leave again. They always do". 

I tag everyone and anyone who reads this!