Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Firstly I want to massively apologise for not posting in over two weeks. If you work in retail you will get me when I say it is the worst time of the year. I absolutely love Christmas but arsey customers don't half get you down. It doesn't help with your blogging schedule when you're working twelve days in a row. So I failed blogmas massively, sigh. Regardless of my ramblings I had the most lovely Christmas and already counting down to next years festivities. Just a little disclaimer to say that I'm not in no way bragging about any of these things I have been kindly gifted by my nearest and dearest. I've just been loving being nosey at everyone else posts if I'm honest with you. 

| The Yummy Stuff |
Could you get any more opposite in terms of mugs? My best friend Zoe got me the Joy Division one and secret Santa at work the Mike Wazowski offering (I love Disney too much). As for all the yummy treats, half of them are gone, oops, and I can't remember who got me what now, oops again. The little union jack tin though was picked out using my mum's purse no doubt by my little brother. It's filled with yummy shortbreads but the cute tin will come in handy after they're all gone.

| The Fluffy Stuff |
It's out of hand how much I want a real Dalmatian in my life so my Mum substituted with these cute nightwear items. I actually spotted these PJ's in Primark and mentioned them to my mum, she certainly listens. As for another person who listens is my Dad's girlfriend, Lyn. Since moving house back in October it's a little cold sometimes even with the heating on. We're placed on a hill with an open chimney and we get all sorts of little draughts around the house so she got me the lovely and snuggley hot water bottle in dog form. I'm the crazy dog lady, never mind cat lady.

| The Beauty Stuff |
Polka dot nail files, I was sold straight away. A couple of magnetic nail polishes I'm excited to try out. Bath bombs (though my angle here doesn't show them very well but them pastel blobs are bath bombs, honest). I embrace my paleness as much as possible but sometimes not being able to rock a gorgeous nail polish colour breaks my little heart at times so a girl has to fake it now and then, can't wait to experiment with this Xen Tan - who said Dad's can't make good beauty picks without any assistance or hints. A gorgeous scent from Ghost in Anticipation (I also had DKNY Be Delicious which isn't pictured). I actually had two of these Soap and Glory sets but it's full of travel sizes and no doubt I will make my way through the Hand Food's once popped into my handbag (I've had a new bag as well too actually which isn't in these pictures too).

| The Pretty Stuff |
I'm not entirely sure where the necklace is from as it came in a sparkly gift box but I love it. I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but I want to be and I love this simple piece. Yes I am still swooning at these Pandora boxes. Now if I'm honest with you I knew that my Nana had brought me a leather bracelet because back in August she popped into to my work (there's a Pandora stockist in the shop next door) and asked what colour bracelet I wanted. As for the other little box I wasn't expecting it at all but my Mum really made my day with this one. It needs a picture of it's own:
I've been lusting after this charm for ages and I knew they had sold out everywhere in stores in my local area so my Mum was a star and managed to get it online. I love scooters as mad as that sounds and always get over excited when I see one. I'd love to own a Vespa one day. Enough scooter talk anyway.

| The Technology Stuff |
If you've never watched any of the This Is England stuff it's well worth the watch (I know it's available on 4od still!) My best friend got me this Limited Edition version of The View's Which Bitch? album, it has a DVD with it that contains a documentary and a live gig so I can't wait to watch all that. The only thing I asked for this Christmas was an iPod docking station and I love this one from BUSH, it's so mini and cute and I love it loads (I sound like a complete saddo but MUSIC). If anything blew me away then it was this little secret surprise from my Dad. Never in my life did I expect the latest iPad Air. I haven't put it down if I'm honest since I opened it and I can't wait for 2014 blogging wise with this amazing product.

I feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who are so thoughtful and kind. I hope all my lovely readers had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year also!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

In Love With Fashion Mini Haul

I recently won a voucher code for In Love With Fashion. I picked up a couple of items in their sale section and couldn't believe how much of a bargain they were. I'm loving their brand, it was quick delivery too considering they offer free UK standard delivery. So impressed by the brand and can't wait to order again.

These wonderful little shoes have been further discounted since I picked them up. I haven't worn them yet so I can't comment on the comfort of them but I can tell you they are so cute and I think will be perfect for party season. I'll probably style them with dark coloured high waisted jeans.

I adore the colour of this dress for a start and I'm a massive fan of the skater style. It's a chiffon type material so it's lightweight and can easily be layered. The roll neck collar is a simple twist to the dress as well and as it's sleeveless it will look great teamed up with some kind of jacket.

Have you brought anything from In Love With Fashion?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Last Minute Gift Set Bargains


If you're like me then you might of got the majority of Christmas presents but there might be one or two things might make someones gifts that little bit better. At the same time though we seem to be too busy treating everyone else and forgetting about yourself. There's so many gift set bargains out there, a lot are going on sale already too. There's so many products out there I'd like to get my hands on and now I'm doing the "Do you still not know what to get me for Christmas?" to people. If only I'd done my research on all these fab sets doing the rounds in the beauty blogging world to let people know what I'd quite like.

Is there any gift sets you're lusting after?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Brand Edit - Seventeen

Seventeen is a brand that I always used to walk straight past in the long line of beauty counters in Boots. I started to see loads of good reviews about a lot of new products and decided it was time to try a few things out from their range. I've got to say I haven't been let down by anything either.

The first product is actually a free limited edition gift when you spend £8 on Seventeen products so definitely get yourself to Boots or online while stocks last!

Brow's That Brow Kit (Limited Edition) - £6 | I've been on the search for a brow kit for ages but all of them out there seem to be to dramatic for my own liking. Seen as this was free I thought I would give it a whirl. It contains a mini eyebrow pencil, a wax, a setting powder and a highlight powder. Used all together you can create some serious good looking brows. Since getting my hands on this there hasn't been a day where I haven't used it. The pencil works fine just on it's own as well for a quick make-up routine, on a Monday morning rush anyway. I want to explore more of Seventeen's brow products now.

| On The Spot Concealer (Medium) - (£4.99) | As much as I enjoy this product my only problem with it is the colour range. They currently only have on shade which is a bit too dark on my skin and can look like it's dried out on my pale skin after a few hours of wearing it. However, It vows to  clear up spots in 4 weeks. I do feel like my skin cleared up a lot in a few days of wearing this product. It's a shame I can only use this though when I've got a tan - which has to be faked this time of the year.

| Phwoarr Paint (Fair) - £5.49) | Much improved this one with the two different shades it's available in. The shade 'fair' is so much more suited to my skin. This is brilliant for under the eyes and helps brighten them and make myself look a lot more awake when I am still half asleep. You can also use this as a normal concealer in any other blemished areas and it works brilliantly and doesn't crease or dry out.

| Skin Wow Primer - £5.99) | This product is described as a primer even though the bottle packaging does actually say '3 way highlighter'. Personally I'd find this far too shimmery as a primer but as a highlighter - let's just say there's a reason it has become part of my everyday make-up routine. It gives me a lovely luminous glow especially in this cold weather when everything seems a little dull apart from your neighbour's Christmas lights that flash through your bedroom window all night. Simply apply to cheekbones for a skin 'WOW'.

I think Seventeen have really come into their own at the moment and I am loving the names they are picking for their products, reminds me a little of Benefit's wittiness. 
Do you love any of Seventeen's products?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is getting closer and closer. I can't believe we're nearly two weeks into December! I haven't really given too much thought into what I want for Christmas this year, the only thing I've asked for is a new docking station for my iPod. So it should be full of surprises come December 25th. After a little thought I've decided on a few things that are on my wishlist, mainly stuff I've been lusting after for ages but just never get round to buying. So I'd be pretty made up if anyone was kind enough to get me these things.

  • 1. Alexa Chung - IT (£16.99) - I am an Alexa fangirl, there's not many people who aren't but her style is one of my biggest influences. This really is one of those things I've been meaning to purchase but never got round to it. 
  • 2. Check Smock Dress with Contrast Collar - BooHoo (£22) - Usually I'm not a fan of PU collars but this one doesn't look ridiculous. I really love the subtle check pattern, perfect for plenty of occasions, I'd definitely get my wear out of this piece.
  • 3. Chelsea Boots - H&M (£24.99) - I've been looking for a pair of classic black Chelsea boots for so long and something with a reasonable price because I'm a clumsy sod. So when I came across these I was properly made up.
  • 4. Cream Colour Block Satchel - River Island (£40) - I have to say River Island are one of the top high street brands out there for whatever bag you're after. A satchel is something I've been after for ages and I really adore this one, the colours are a little different with a subtle pink for a pop of colour.
  • 5. Jake Bugg - Shangri La (£10) - I'm the type of girl who prefers to physically own a CD rather than an MP3 download off iTunes so CD's are always a must for my wishlist. Jake Bugg has had an incredible year and I was pleased to see he was releasing a new album so soon after his debut.
What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Weekend in Birmingham - Gigs, German Christmas Market & Old Friends | Lifestyle

First off I want to apologise for failing Blogmas yesterday! I planned for this post to go up yesterday but I had a bit of crappy time for a few reasons when I got home and I didn't want to write a half hearted post but better late than never right?! So on to the point of the post..

You may of seen me mention here and there that I was heading to Birmingham over the weekend just gone. It turned out I had booked a couple of gigs on both Saturday and Sunday night so we decided to stay over a few nights in the Hampton by Hilton on Broad Street. I went with one of my closest friends Hannah, since she moved away from uni we've hardly seen each other so a much needed catch up happened. Later on in the weekend we met up with my best friend Zoe and Niall too.

Our room was pretty cool and I loved the colour scheme. I wish I'd taken more pictures but we were in a bit of a rush when we got there to get ready and get to the gig. I've mentioned my love for The Courteeners before but I couldn't miss the Christmas Tour Party and went to see them live for the 3rd time. They didn't let me down and put on a brilliant show, possibly the best I've seen them now!

I got my hands on a signed poster from the merch stand and was pleased to see it was not a printed signature but a very much authentic autograph from the boys! Next morning we over slept and missed breakfast, heartbreaking I tell you. Hungry and ready for an afternoon shop we headed to the Bullring! Also, world's worst selfie in a lift coming up..

I told you! Sorry for the terrible quality (oops!). Meet Hannah too who is very interested as you can see *haha*  | Coat - H&M, Dress - ASOS, Bag - Primark |

After a quick wonder around H&M and then the Disney store (I picked up my gift for secret santa at work) we headed to the Handmade Burger Co which tasted unreal after 19 hours without anything to eat. I opted for the peri peri chicken burger. Just a little tip too, one bowl of chips will cover both of you just fine as me and Hannah found out. It was lovely though and something nice and new to try out! Then it was time to meet Zoe and Niall and to head to the German Christmas Market.

So that's beer, hot dogs and lots of cute gift type stalls. I definitely want to fit a few more Christmas like markets in next year as well! After that we headed back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes then just down the road we visited O'Neill's Bar which is an Irish chain of pubs. One quick drink and we were back to the O2 Academy to watch The View. You might remember them for their catchy song a few years back - "I've had the same jeans on for four days now.."

It was a fab gig and I met all of the band afterwards which was pretty cool and was a highlight of my year! Anyway I had a lovely weekend and can't wait for similar weekends next year!

What have you been up to?
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Jumper Picks


Every man and his dog seem to be sporting a Christmas jumper this winter. I haven't invested in one yet but everyone seems to be pulling all the stops out when it comes to the festiveness in knitwear form. After scanning my favourite clothing websites for one I thought I'd share which ones I'm loving! As you can tell there's all different designs but opting for a darker jumper on these picks..
  • 1. BooHoo (£15) - This could be my favourite out of the bunch but who doesn't love a Home Alone quote?! Text based jumpers aren't the most popular but I love this one.
  • 2. Topshop (£50) - I can only imagine how soft this one is. I really love the colours of it but not so sure of the price tag I'm afraid. 
  • 3. Primark (£14) - With this one I would quite happily walk around on Christmas Eve with this one, such a cute Christmas scene going on.
  • 4. New Look (£24.99) - With some jumpers I find you can only wear them on Christmas Day but with this one it's brilliant for the build up to my favourite holiday of the year.
  • 5. Next (£28) - I actually spotted this one in store and Next are worth checking out as they have some lovely designs and the quality is always brilliant so you can use it next year too!
Have you been sucked into the Christmas jumper hype yet?

Saturday, 7 December 2013

How I Spend My Christmas Tag

I haven't done a tag for a few weeks and why not get back into the Christmas theme for Blogmas with one?!

Image Source: We Heart It

1. What are you usually up to on Christmas Eve?
Well last year I was at work most of the day and I will be again this year but I usually spend the evening wrapping last minute presents, scoffing a takeaway, watching Christmas shows on TV and I always watch Gavin and Stacey Christmas special just before midnight!

2. Who do you spend your Christmas day's with?
I split my time between my Mum's and Dad's houses. I usually spend the morning with my Dad and have dinner with him then go across to my Mum's and spend time with my brother and a lot of the other family on my Mum's side (and there's a lot of them!)

3. Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts?
Obviously I love to open up my own presents and get all excited but as you get older I think you appreciate the happiness you bring to other people by carefully picking out what you think they might like. Having a younger brother definitely highlights this for me, you can't beat the look on his face.

4. What does your outfit consist of on Christmas Day?
I tend to lazy around in pyjamas for a lot of the morning but before I always get changed into something a bit nicer. If I've had anything new I usually stick that on or a nice dress does the trick.

5. Do you enjoy shopping for your loved ones gifts?
If I'm honest I hate doing it all in one go, there's nothing worse than bashing into people with all your bags so I like to spread it out and start in October when it comes to Christmas shopping. I do tend to enjoy it though, it's the carefully picking things out that you know will bring a smile to someones face. I do prefer to scan the shops online before deciding as well.

6. Have you ever received a gift that you disliked and pretended you liked it?
I can't say there's anything that really stands out as I'm an easily pleased person and usually like everyone is kind enough to buy me. I do remember when I was about 6 though my Auntie giving me a pack of sticky notes as a stocking filler, I never really understood that one.

7. What would your ideal Christmas be?
My Mum and Dad have been separated for over 10 years now and I hate leaving either one for any period of time on Christmas but that's just the way the Christmas cookie crumbles sometimes. But a way for me to spend it with them both without not spending it without one of them would be cool.

8. What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
Working in retail means the shopping rush just before for me. It's manic and people get nasty with you because there isn't what they want in stock but it's like erm, hellooooo you left it this late!

9. What is the best gift you have ever received?
I always remember the time when iPods first came out all them years ago and I had the very first iPod shuffle, the long thing one in white! I wasn't expecting at all and everyone is aware of my love for music so you can only imagine my little face when I unwrapped that one.

10. If you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? (Other than family).
Well it would have to be my closest friends. I'd love to see their faces opening what I've brought them because that's something I don't usually get to see! 

I tag anyone who's reading this and fancies having a go! If you do leave me your links I'd love to read your answers as well!

Friday, 6 December 2013

What's In My Travel Bag?

Another day of December means another day of Blogmas! I've got to say it's hard work blogging everyday but I'm really enjoying it! Tomorrow I'm off to Birmingham for a few days - a couple of gigs to attend to, the German Christmas market to visit along with all the other amazing shops Birmingham holds! If I'm honest I'm quite glad for this mini break. Working in retail is stressful any time but at Christmas a lot of people turn into an idiot customer and it doesn't half get you down. Anyway, back to the point of the post.. With my mini break looming I thought it would be the perfect chance to show you what bits and bobs I'm taking with me on my travels. A lot of this you can easily pick up in the drugstore and always a good time to try out samples.

I go for a clear wash bag to keep everything in because I've got a tendency to forget things and I'm always in a rush so a last minute check of everything is made a little easier with this option!

  • Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold Spray (£2.95) - What a fancy name for a hairspray eh?! Names aside I've been using this hairspray for years. I'm yet to find one that keeps my hair in place for longer or one that smells as nice. A lot of hairsprays I can't stand the scent of but this one is spot on!
  • Sunkissed Instant Self Tan Moose Medium Bronze* (£4.99) - Become my new tanning favourite recently so this has to come with me for a tanning top up. Read my full review HERE.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Paisley (£2.99) - Always safe to carry a bottle of dry shampoo around with you. However I think they have stopped making this paisley version as I can't find it anywhere online but I've spotted it in my local Superdrug recently. 
  • L'Oreal Matt & Messy: Salt Spray (£3.75) - One of my favourite purchases ever brought on a whim, I picked my first bottle up in the summer. As a natural wavy/curly hair girl I love to embrace it and I love spraying this for an added texture to my waves.
  • L'Occitane Jasmin Passion Hand Cream (:Limited Edition) - C'mon it's Winter and the dry hands are making there way out to haunt me. I love this 30ml size, perfect for travelling. It has a slight scent which is nice as I don't like strong smelling hand creams (yuck for finger foods half hour later!)

  • Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (£18.50) - When it comes to travelling out it always the right time to gather your samples and try them out. I have tried this a few times before and it always leaves my skin extremely soft and helps glide on primers/foundations even easier.
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion+ (£28) - I can see why so many people love this after a couple of uses. Already thinking of purchasing the full size if I'm honest!
  • Vichy Idealia Life Serum (£29.50) - I got my hands on a couple of sample sachets of this and I was hooked after one try of the stuff. Every time I go into I'm stopping by this but the price tag for such a small amount puts me off. I can see myself buying it in the new year though.
So that's a few bits I'm taking with me this weekend (don't worry I know I've missed out key things like shampoos etc but I'm doing a haircare post soon!)
What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dress Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is often the season of giving. A lot of giving can mean you're a little short of money for yourself, especially when it comes to outfits for the party season. Introducing your answer to bagging yourself maybe even a couple of outfits on a tight budget! Just For £5 are a brand that sell everything at £5 - what it says on the tin really. A lot of people question why they can sell for such low prices - they have actually been selling to the industry for 10 years and decided to do this online as well! You may already know I work in retail and I'm always left shocked how much clothing items cost to make compared to how much they get sold for! In this post I have picked out 6 dresses in different shapes and styles as well as 6 pairs of shoes - 3 flats and 3 heels.

After scanning the Just For £5 website for a while I noticed they had loads of nice monochrome dresses. We all know monochrome is a style that never expires and can be worn any time of the year - including Christmas! Dress number two is definitely my favourite.

I picked out another few dresses again. This time I focused on the colour red as the theme. All dresses are different shades and styles. I think they're all pretty simple dresses which means there is plenty of accessories you could jazz them up with. I love dress number four as it's so simple but statement at the same time.

4 - Hem Detail Skater Dress
5 - Long Sleeve Burgundy Skater Dress
6 - Chiffon Pleated Party Dress
My top picks of the flats! I've chosen your typical darker shaded shoes as it would go well with several outfits. I think shoe number three is a brilliant twist on a classic loafer style with the glitter.
Again sticking with the black shoe theme except for the dark green wedges. The black heels however both have something a bit different about them rather than your standard black wedge or court pair of heels! And shoe number five is my favourite out the collection, the most perfect shade for Christmas time!

So what do you think about Just For £5? One last thing, there cut off date for deliveries on time for Christmas is 18th December and everything comes first class postage too!