Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Favourites

So my first monthly favourites post on my blog! I've finally hunted down my camera after the house move, only my standard digital camera for now as I'm having problems with my DSLR, grr! None the less I've just got the five things this month as I haven't really tried a lot of new things out.

Swatched! A real subtle shade.
I adore all of the Rimmel lipsticks by Kate Moss. I'm not going to lie the reason I tried them out was not because they are brilliant but just because I love Kate Moss, how naughty of me! Anyway, I really love this shade, I'm not very experimental with colours in my make-up as I am so so so pale. This colour though is a few shades give and take of my actual lip colour without any products on them. It just adds a little something and I've just enjoyed wearing this for a darker lip in autumn. 

This actually came free in a magazine recently (I can't remember which one now, sorry!). I already can't wait to repurchase it, how bad is that?! I have never been an eyeliner fan until now. Usually opting for a shadow liner out of an eyeshadow palette or something like that. I find this amazingly easy to use and the nib just glides easily. I've needed a long lasting make-up look this month quite a lot as I've had a few parties and gigs and I needed my make up to last the whole night (maybe even into the morning) and this is what I turned to. I was even more pleased to know Alexa Chung is a fan and she's bringing out her own range for Eyeko this month. I must get my hands on that!

I'm surprised Barry M hadn't brought this out sooner. I adore the look of matte nail polishes and this is no exception. The only downside is they usually chip after a day and top coat just ruins the effect.  I've been loving this colour though so I can deal with a applying another quick coat. I find it has a slight lilac hint to it. As I mentioned being pale comes with its difficulties and finding a nice nude shade that doesn't ridiculous on me is hard so congrats to Barry M!

Now I can't remember the last time I used anything in a bar of soap form until I was recommended this at the Clinque counter. As it gets colder my skin gets drier. I wouldn't say I suffered with terrible dry skin but it does get a little flaky around the t-zone area. The saleswoman said 'mild' would be the one for me and she was right. You are told to use it twice a day, so for me in the morning and evening shower. My skin has been left feeling super soft and keeping any dry areas at bay. I noticed a difference after the first time of use. It also comes with a cute little soap dish as well.
I had a little haul of The Body Shop last month and picked up a few bits and bobs. One being this toner. Now I've got the cleanser as well but with toner I find it's what leaves me feeling fresh and awake so it's perfect for in the morning. Now what I love about The Body Shop is that you can pick up smaller sizes of products which is perfect for exploring new items. I've nearly used up this toner so I will most definitely be repurchasing the larger bottle. It's left any blemishes at bay as well!

What have been your favourites in the past month?
Also, has anyone got any products they can recommend for reducing redness?


  1. I bought the Clinique primer a few weeks ago, it's actually probably my 2nd Clinique item, I can't really use them as they are a little too harsh on my skin...
    My favourite products this month are probably the Sampar Age Antidote line, I am so in love, you should try them out if you can ;)

    J Y U K I M I

  2. great post!love kate mosses line! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. I can't get enough of the Barry m mattes xxx