Friday, 20 June 2014

Pattern Focus: Pretty Paisley


A new series from myself - 'Pattern Focus'. If you stepped into my wardrobe you'd think you'd stepped into a time machine back to the 60's with the amount of patterns I have going on in there. This means I'm constantly trailing the internet for patterned clothing at an affordable price. It only seems fair to share my favourite pieces I come across with my readers right?

Paisley paisley paisley. Oh paisley seems to be getting more and more popular just lately. I for one am certainly not complaining though (even if my bank balance is). Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite pattern and that reflects in my wardrobe. I find it so easy to grab a paisley dress and be able to throw on a plain jacket because the pattern does the talking for you in any outfit concerned. Here are a few favourites:

Top of my wish list is the kimono from Topshop. I'm loving the longline versions, especially the patterned ones as they're so easy to dress up or down with a plain dress this Summer.

What do you think of the paisley pattern?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow

It's got to be said I always used to shy away from bronzers. The thought of sweeping an orange toned powder over my cheeks made me shudder. Pale girl problems. Then I discovered contouring, cheekbones without trying. Even then I still struggled to find the right one for me. Then I picked this offering from MUA on a whim and I've never had the urge to experiment with anything else for a little while now.

MUA's Mosaic Blusher in Shade 1 Natural Glow, now part of my everyday make up routine. I have become a sucker for a mosaic shaped product. You can get so many different options depending where you sweep the brush. I find it has a lighter half and a darker half to it. All swirled together though gives me the perfect all over bronze or can be built up to get a cracking contour, if I do say so myself. (Remember contouring takes a very skilled person to perfect it - I'm joking but it can be tricky)!

I have been really enjoying having a natural dewy type glow to my base just lately and this product adds to it ever so easily. It does contain a shimmer of glitter but it's ever so faint, not leaving you looking like a disco ball. I think now that matte bronzers is where I was going wrong. This works really well on my pale complexion so I imagine the shade would work on any skin tone. You really can build it up if it looks like it might be a little too light for you. At £2.50 I'm really impressed with this product and it's fast becoming part of my summer essentials.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Time For An Update

I can't imagine many of you have noticed I've gone AWOL for the best part of two months. How can I put this now? I just didn't feel like blogging. Uninspired springs to mind. Plus I've just had a lot going on and sometimes I can get a little sidetracked in the whirlwind that is blogging. I want to put it out there I love blogging though. So I hereby swear that I will post regularly! We might as well turn this into a bit of a lifestyle post and have a look at what I've been up to though.

First off back in April it was my 19th birthday. You might recognise the playsuit I'm wearing in this birthday celebrations picture from a wishlist I posted a while back. I managed to snap it up in the sale. All round my birthday was fab, thought I might of woke up with a few hungover regrets.

Around the start of May I got to see The Kooks live. They're one of them bands I can stick on and have an instant happy mood. Let's just say they were pretty damn good, go and see them if you can!

Now this has got to be one of the highlights of my life (and I'm not even being exaggerative). At the end of May I made my way down to London to pay Finsbury Park a little visit. Only for Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Miles Kane and Royal Blood. I do love a good gig and this one didn't fail to impress. If you get chance to catch Royal Blood at a local small venue before they get massive then definitely do it. Miles Kane never lets a girl down and warms the crowd up massively. Tame Impala calmed us down a little with their psychedelic tunes though. Then the main men took to the stage and were just brilliant, again. The only downside was some little runt peeing up my leg, not cool guys. 

I MADE A DEPOP ACCOUNT! Finally! You can find me @whatlaurensays. I've got loads up for sale clothes, shoes, beauty bits and bobs and other accessories. Everything is new or without tags or just worn no more than twice! Check it out, there's loads of lovely summer pieces. 

Another little thing to mention.. I'm moving house, again. I guess we've never got settled here and it's not very convenient for getting to places. So who knows expect home hauls, room tours and storage ideas.

Speaking of upcoming blog features I'm thinking of doing a festival series, especially with Glastonbury kicking off next weekend. I've become a bit of a pro as to what to pack for festivals/gigs so let me know in the comments what you think of me running the series? I'm definitely going to feature more lifestyle posts and I've been dying to venture into outfit posts but I haven't felt quite brave enough just yet.