Thursday, 3 April 2014

Avon Kiss n Go Lipstick (Limited Edition)

Color Trend is probably the most affordable range that Avon have to offer but that doesn't mean to say the quality isn't up to scratch. Think all the shade ranges you could possibly imagine with a low price tag. If you're looking for a certain shade whether it be a nail polish or eye shadow it can probably be found amongst the Color Trend range. The product in the spotlight today though is something Limited Edition in a shape of a pretty looking lipstick.

When the words limited edition are flashed about you can expect fancy packaging and that's what you get with this lipstick. Cute hearts to match the embossed hearts of the actual product. Avon have released four new shades of the Kiss n Go lipstick as limited edition. I picked up the shade 'Smoochable' and it's the shade of red I've been after for a while. It did look more of a pink shade in the brochure and on the online shop so do bare that in mind when ordering like with anything you can't physically hold and swatch away with on the back of your hand. Nonetheless I've discovered something brilliant without even trying to..

I picked 'Smoochable' up on a whim but what a whim that was. I've mentioned before that I'm very pale so light shades make me look silly and bright lipsticks mean I resemble a circus act. I'm always after different red lip products that suit me but it's a hard job. However, this one from Avon is just what I needed without knowing. It has a velvet finish to it and doesn't dry the lips out. Priced at £3.75 (currently on sale) it doesn't have the most brilliant staying power but a quick top up never hurt anyone, right? I'd describe this as a very light red with slight pink tones. I'm definitely going to invest in to other lip products from Avon because you can't go wrong with the price really.

You can buy the limited edition shades HERE
Have you tried anything from Avon recently that's worth a mention?


  1. I never think to order anything from Avon Colour Trend I don't know why! Love the cute little hearts on the lipstick!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  2. Avon is one of my favourite brands ever! I've never seen this lipstick before and it's so cute!! Omg the little hearts around it... I think I need one!!

  3. Oh wow! That looks amazing with the hearts imprinted!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. What a bargain and it looks super cute with the hearts <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. The packaging of this lipstick looks so cute :)

    Pink Frenzy