Friday, 19 December 2014

Avon Luxe Eyeshadow Palette in Cocoa Couture

Avon are a brand I find to be incredibly underrated. They're constantly having new releases with unique and exciting concepts. Plus they do some pretty nifty palettes and I'm a sucker for a good palette. The prices are pretty average but they are always having really good sales.

This is a palette I bought last year as part of last year's Christmas collection. However this year they have re released it as it was hugely popular. It is their Luxe Eyeshadow Palette in Cocoa Couture. Priced at £10 you could probably find a cheaper alternative in the drugstore but I really love these shades and how they work nicely together. In total there are 6 different shade collections available.

In terms of pigmentation the lighter of the shades needs more work than the others - but my pale skin doesn't exactly help that. With the right primer these shadows last all day and create a perfect golden smokey eye. I find that the soft pink shade makes a lovely blush colour rather than an eyeshadow which would make it a lovely palette to travel with. I've read a few bad reviews on the Avon website about this palette but I've had no problems with mine unless others have been using a different colour collection. I can definitely see why this was re released for the festive season as the colours are perfect for this time of year but can certainly be used all year round. 

What do you think of Avon's products?

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