Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Things I've Learnt This Year

As another year comes to an end I've been in a very reflective mood lately so why not share my reflections here on WLS. The quote 'everything is temporary springs to mind' regarding this year.

  • It's totally okay to watch every single episode of Gossip Girl in record time even if you do have more important things to be getting on with. Yes, all 121 episodes. 
  • Sometimes you have to sort out your priorities and cut certain things off but it's okay as long as you remember to go back to them. *cough* blogging *cough*
  • Nothing can't be fixed by putting on your favourite lipstick, wearing your highest heels and having one too many drinks with your girls.
  • Going on a holiday with ten other people will probably end in a lot of arguments, stick to a smaller group for a drama free vacation.
  • It really is fine not to have your life worked out and spending all your time attending gigs rather than focusing on a career that will bore you.
  • Buying a scallop edged top in three different colours from Topshop probably isn't the smartest idea but every girl needs basic staples. Right?
  • Bold lips do not suit me in the slightest. Damn you pale skin for making me look washed out if I dare to go near Mac's Lady Danger. 
  • I completely stand by my opinion that the male species become a lot more good looking when they start sporting facial hair - beard appreciation. 
  • Spend every single moment you possibly can with family and friends because sadly life really is too short.
Happy New Year!

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