Monday, 1 December 2014

Music Monday: Gigs Of The Year

Kicking off 'Blogmas' this year is my top five gigs of the year. I've seen some pretty amazing bands in 2014 but one gig in particular outdid them all. Though I'll admit it was pretty hard choosing the rest!
So here you are, my top five gigs of the year..

  • 5. The Enemy - I watched the trio from Coventry at a local venue - small, sweaty and spectacular. There was just something about singing 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns' along with another couple of hundred local people around you. Controversial statement coming up here but I'd go as far as saying they are one of the most amazing live bands around. The louder the better.
  • 4. The Libertines - Back in July I jumped on a train down to London and was all set for a day in Hyde Park watching live music. The Libertines headlined for 'British Summer Time' and if I'm honest with you this gig could of been a little higher up the list if it wasn't for the shambles of organisation on the day. Some of my favourite bands playing across three stages. Sadly, these said stages were just a little too small for the crowds it had attracted. However, seeing The Libertines back together was truly something special to witness. 

  • 3. Arctic Monkeys - Another trip to London but this time the stage was set at Finsbury Park. First let's talk support acts - amazing. An unreal line up of Royal Blood, Miles Kane and Tame Impala. With Mr Kane edging it for me out of that lot. I did find something a little strange about the atmosphere for the 'Monkeys' though - like a lot of people who were in attendance were just there for a few odd songs they heard on the radio one time. Despite this and some idiot thinking it was hilarious to urinate up my leg I can safely say Arctic Monkeys know how to put on a show. And who got to see Miles Kane sing a The Last Shadow Puppets tune with Alex Turner? I DID!

  • 2. The Courteeners - I know they're my favourite band and all that so it's no real surprise to see them clock in at number two but hand on heart I can say that was the best show I've seen the band put on. The new album that came out in the summer has been stuck on repeat for months so I was like an excited child to hear the new songs live. And of course the old favourites sounded as perfect as ever. Also, two words for you - Liam Fray. *hearts in the eyes emoji*
  • 1. Kasabian - I'll be honest here in the days upcoming to this gig I was massively unsure. The support acts that had just been announced were nowhere near as good as the rumours (which was probably why I sat in the pub until they were over with). I don't know why I had any doubts though, There was a reason I'd been so desperate to see this band live for so long. In my opinion there is no better live band out there today. So it's no shock that I'm overly excited to see them again in the middle of this month in Manchester. 

So there we have it - Kasabian won it this year for me.
Have you seen anyone live this year I haven't mentioned?
Any bands worth checking out?


  1. Awh I love the enemy, be somebody is one of my favourite songs, can imagine their songs to be amazing live! I seen London Grammar in my student union, love smaller gigs, it was the perfect setting for them.
    Beyond Bally

  2. So incredibly jealous that you've seen Arctic Monkeys! xx

    Catherine /