Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wedding Season On A Budget

Everyone you know on your social networking friends list always seem to decide to set their wedding date for the Summer don't they? The bank balance panics as you're about to spend a hefty amount on an outfit that more than likely you will just wear for the big event. My latest find is a stunning dress you can wear again and again for just £5. Yes, five Great British Pounds.

It's easily styled with a plain kimono because let's be honest Summer weddings in the UK have a rain shower along the way somewhere. Or just for the comfort after a lot of wine influenced dancing into the early hours.

We're keeping this outfit on a budget so it's worth a trip to Primark for their statement necklaces. They have loads and loads of great pieces at the moment and all under £10 I've noticed.

Sticking with the mint green accessory theme just because it's been my favourite colour lately. Plus, it suits really well with the nude pink dress.

Another Primark find for the footwear option. Your feet will no doubt hurt at 1am and those 5 inch heels will come off. Gold embellishment takes them from a day to night outfit though. 

I found this on a sale rail quite a while back now in Peacocks of all places. It's fairly spacious too because we are females and we will over pack, it's in our nature I'm sure. 

You might be still wondering where is this gorgeous yet simple dress available from for just five pounds?
You can buy it HERE from

Kimono - BooHoo
Necklace - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Bag - Peacocks (similar HERE)
Dress - justfor£5*


  1. Lovely outfit! Weddings can be so expensive can't they? Especially when you can't recycle the dress because it is the same people! x

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love the added mint green with the necklace, shoes and bag, the colour is stunning xxx

    Sarah | Sarah Speaks

  3. Great finds, and they are so cute! I am in love with mint right now too!

  4. This is such an adorable outfit, I LOVE the necklace!
    x Justina //

  5. What a bargain! & I love how you've styled it with the mint - fab! :D

    Style Sunrise


  6. Can't believe that dress is only £5! You could wear that pretty much anywhere!

    Lovely blog, happy to be a new follower :)!


  7. I simply love the way you've styled this, the soft rose looks fantastic with the light blue accessories, great choice!

    Much love xxx

  8. Lovely outfit, definitely could wear this to a wedding :D I love the colours of the sandals too :)

  9. Lovely outfit, and you're so right about British weddings lol. I love a good kimono though! Xx

  10. Love this budget type post! Such a pretty dress and love the color of those sandals. This post makes me want to go shopping .. LOL

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style