Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wishlist - Homeware Edition #1


1. Blanket (£24.99): H&M | 2. Desk clock (£5): Matalan | 3. Chair (£29.99): Ebay
4. Desk (£40): IKEA | 5. Cushion cover (£3.99): H&M

A few days ago I found out I'm to move house in the next few weeks. I love my current house but the area is a little too noisy for my liking, if I could move the house to a different area then I most definitely would. At first I was unsure but after a little thinking I thought it was the perfect chance to grab the homeware pieces I've been eyeing up for weeks after really wanting to redecorate my current room.

I currently have a white, green and black theme in my room which I really like and have built white furniture pieces around this so I will be keeping that when I move on. I've really grown to love the monochrome with a hint of green as my room style so I adore this jacquard style black and white blanket. I can imagine it being the perfect throw for the colder months approaching and it has a lovely pattern. I've noticed it has a matching cushion as well. *adds to basket*
A clock is not something I've never been big on as I'm constantly checking my iPhone for the time but how can I resist this chic clock from Matalan for an absolute steal at a fiver. Matalan have some really good items in their homeware section that is worth checking out.
I'm trying to create a desk area with storage available for all my make up products but somewhere I can blog from as well with ease. I'm not sure how well this IKEA desk and faux leather chair from eBay would compliment each other but I really do like both pieces.
Finally, whatever chair I do end up in purchasing I am absolutely dying to get my hands on this cushion cover from H&M. If it has a paisley print on it then I automatically want it. It could be the ugliest object ever and I would still insist on buying it. My love for paisley patterns comes from my style influences such as the 60's and it's now out of hand and is transferring to my homeware preferences. Now I know this blue pillow cover won't exactly run with the room theme I'm going for but I just think that it has a denim looking feel to it, possibly chambray effect. Anyway, the white detailing will still suit and have I mentioned it has a paisley print?!

Be sure to look out for many posts over the next few weeks on homeware, including hauls, room tours etc. Then dare I say the 'C word' but it will nearly be time to decorate for CHRISTMAS (yes, I am excited already, oops!)


  1. I love homewares so much! I can't wait to have my own place to decorate, I literally could spend hours scrawling through pinterest looking at amazing interiors!! Have fun with the move xx

    1. I know the feeling, already planning trips to go and walk the aisles of IKEA. Thank you xx