Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is getting closer and closer. I can't believe we're nearly two weeks into December! I haven't really given too much thought into what I want for Christmas this year, the only thing I've asked for is a new docking station for my iPod. So it should be full of surprises come December 25th. After a little thought I've decided on a few things that are on my wishlist, mainly stuff I've been lusting after for ages but just never get round to buying. So I'd be pretty made up if anyone was kind enough to get me these things.

  • 1. Alexa Chung - IT (£16.99) - I am an Alexa fangirl, there's not many people who aren't but her style is one of my biggest influences. This really is one of those things I've been meaning to purchase but never got round to it. 
  • 2. Check Smock Dress with Contrast Collar - BooHoo (£22) - Usually I'm not a fan of PU collars but this one doesn't look ridiculous. I really love the subtle check pattern, perfect for plenty of occasions, I'd definitely get my wear out of this piece.
  • 3. Chelsea Boots - H&M (£24.99) - I've been looking for a pair of classic black Chelsea boots for so long and something with a reasonable price because I'm a clumsy sod. So when I came across these I was properly made up.
  • 4. Cream Colour Block Satchel - River Island (£40) - I have to say River Island are one of the top high street brands out there for whatever bag you're after. A satchel is something I've been after for ages and I really adore this one, the colours are a little different with a subtle pink for a pop of colour.
  • 5. Jake Bugg - Shangri La (£10) - I'm the type of girl who prefers to physically own a CD rather than an MP3 download off iTunes so CD's are always a must for my wishlist. Jake Bugg has had an incredible year and I was pleased to see he was releasing a new album so soon after his debut.
What's on your Christmas wishlist?


  1. What a lovely bag - and the little pink is fab! Xx