Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dress Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is often the season of giving. A lot of giving can mean you're a little short of money for yourself, especially when it comes to outfits for the party season. Introducing your answer to bagging yourself maybe even a couple of outfits on a tight budget! Just For £5 are a brand that sell everything at £5 - what it says on the tin really. A lot of people question why they can sell for such low prices - they have actually been selling to the industry for 10 years and decided to do this online as well! You may already know I work in retail and I'm always left shocked how much clothing items cost to make compared to how much they get sold for! In this post I have picked out 6 dresses in different shapes and styles as well as 6 pairs of shoes - 3 flats and 3 heels.

After scanning the Just For £5 website for a while I noticed they had loads of nice monochrome dresses. We all know monochrome is a style that never expires and can be worn any time of the year - including Christmas! Dress number two is definitely my favourite.

I picked out another few dresses again. This time I focused on the colour red as the theme. All dresses are different shades and styles. I think they're all pretty simple dresses which means there is plenty of accessories you could jazz them up with. I love dress number four as it's so simple but statement at the same time.

4 - Hem Detail Skater Dress
5 - Long Sleeve Burgundy Skater Dress
6 - Chiffon Pleated Party Dress
My top picks of the flats! I've chosen your typical darker shaded shoes as it would go well with several outfits. I think shoe number three is a brilliant twist on a classic loafer style with the glitter.
Again sticking with the black shoe theme except for the dark green wedges. The black heels however both have something a bit different about them rather than your standard black wedge or court pair of heels! And shoe number five is my favourite out the collection, the most perfect shade for Christmas time!

So what do you think about Just For £5? One last thing, there cut off date for deliveries on time for Christmas is 18th December and everything comes first class postage too!


  1. Those dresses are gorgeous!

    Sophie xox soinspo

  2. Great post you have lovely taste I particularly like the brogues you've included :)
    Meg xx (new follower)