Saturday, 14 December 2013

Last Minute Gift Set Bargains


If you're like me then you might of got the majority of Christmas presents but there might be one or two things might make someones gifts that little bit better. At the same time though we seem to be too busy treating everyone else and forgetting about yourself. There's so many gift set bargains out there, a lot are going on sale already too. There's so many products out there I'd like to get my hands on and now I'm doing the "Do you still not know what to get me for Christmas?" to people. If only I'd done my research on all these fab sets doing the rounds in the beauty blogging world to let people know what I'd quite like.

Is there any gift sets you're lusting after?


  1. wow the benefit set's are so amazing this year! not seen that burt's bee's one before, its such good value for money. Great post:-) x

  2. I think I will pick the Burt's Bee's one up, great ideas! x

  3. So many great sets! I would love that Bumble and Bumble one for myself ha

  4. The clinique set looks lovely!

    Jennie xo |

  5. I really love the burt's bees set, I've got a few items from there before and they have always been fantastic! Especially some of the lip balms