Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Firstly I want to massively apologise for not posting in over two weeks. If you work in retail you will get me when I say it is the worst time of the year. I absolutely love Christmas but arsey customers don't half get you down. It doesn't help with your blogging schedule when you're working twelve days in a row. So I failed blogmas massively, sigh. Regardless of my ramblings I had the most lovely Christmas and already counting down to next years festivities. Just a little disclaimer to say that I'm not in no way bragging about any of these things I have been kindly gifted by my nearest and dearest. I've just been loving being nosey at everyone else posts if I'm honest with you. 

| The Yummy Stuff |
Could you get any more opposite in terms of mugs? My best friend Zoe got me the Joy Division one and secret Santa at work the Mike Wazowski offering (I love Disney too much). As for all the yummy treats, half of them are gone, oops, and I can't remember who got me what now, oops again. The little union jack tin though was picked out using my mum's purse no doubt by my little brother. It's filled with yummy shortbreads but the cute tin will come in handy after they're all gone.

| The Fluffy Stuff |
It's out of hand how much I want a real Dalmatian in my life so my Mum substituted with these cute nightwear items. I actually spotted these PJ's in Primark and mentioned them to my mum, she certainly listens. As for another person who listens is my Dad's girlfriend, Lyn. Since moving house back in October it's a little cold sometimes even with the heating on. We're placed on a hill with an open chimney and we get all sorts of little draughts around the house so she got me the lovely and snuggley hot water bottle in dog form. I'm the crazy dog lady, never mind cat lady.

| The Beauty Stuff |
Polka dot nail files, I was sold straight away. A couple of magnetic nail polishes I'm excited to try out. Bath bombs (though my angle here doesn't show them very well but them pastel blobs are bath bombs, honest). I embrace my paleness as much as possible but sometimes not being able to rock a gorgeous nail polish colour breaks my little heart at times so a girl has to fake it now and then, can't wait to experiment with this Xen Tan - who said Dad's can't make good beauty picks without any assistance or hints. A gorgeous scent from Ghost in Anticipation (I also had DKNY Be Delicious which isn't pictured). I actually had two of these Soap and Glory sets but it's full of travel sizes and no doubt I will make my way through the Hand Food's once popped into my handbag (I've had a new bag as well too actually which isn't in these pictures too).

| The Pretty Stuff |
I'm not entirely sure where the necklace is from as it came in a sparkly gift box but I love it. I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but I want to be and I love this simple piece. Yes I am still swooning at these Pandora boxes. Now if I'm honest with you I knew that my Nana had brought me a leather bracelet because back in August she popped into to my work (there's a Pandora stockist in the shop next door) and asked what colour bracelet I wanted. As for the other little box I wasn't expecting it at all but my Mum really made my day with this one. It needs a picture of it's own:
I've been lusting after this charm for ages and I knew they had sold out everywhere in stores in my local area so my Mum was a star and managed to get it online. I love scooters as mad as that sounds and always get over excited when I see one. I'd love to own a Vespa one day. Enough scooter talk anyway.

| The Technology Stuff |
If you've never watched any of the This Is England stuff it's well worth the watch (I know it's available on 4od still!) My best friend got me this Limited Edition version of The View's Which Bitch? album, it has a DVD with it that contains a documentary and a live gig so I can't wait to watch all that. The only thing I asked for this Christmas was an iPod docking station and I love this one from BUSH, it's so mini and cute and I love it loads (I sound like a complete saddo but MUSIC). If anything blew me away then it was this little secret surprise from my Dad. Never in my life did I expect the latest iPad Air. I haven't put it down if I'm honest since I opened it and I can't wait for 2014 blogging wise with this amazing product.

I feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends who are so thoughtful and kind. I hope all my lovely readers had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year also!


  1. The Monsters Inc mug aw!!

  2. Wow you got some amazing things, so jealous of the ipad air!!! Hope you had a great day

  3. you got some lovely things, hun! I love the charm and i'm a big this is england fan too! Are you into the Mod scene by any chance? :) hope you're well! xxx