Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas at Lush

I haven't brought anything from Lush for so long. So when I kept seeing rave reviews about their lip scrubs I knew I had to get my hands on one, especially as I'm prone to dry lips whatever the weather. Obviously I couldn't pick up just one thing though. I didn't go too wild though as at the new house we've moved to it has a corner bath which means it's mainly showers unless I want my legs up the wall to have a bath. So let's have a look at the Christmas bits I picked up from Lush..

When I heard this Christmas themed lip scrub was cola flavoured I knew I'd want that one. If I'm honest I didn't even give any of the others a chance but I'll definitely be grabbing another one when it becomes unacceptable to take anything with 'Santa' out in public. The scrub leaves my lips feeling so much better, especially as it gets colder. I use it a fair few times a day and have seen a much softer lip condition. The taste really is like cola cubes as well, yum!

As I mentioned I couldn't go over the top as I just wouldn't get the use out of bath bombs with current bathing conditions at the new house. This smells gorgeous though and I'm excited to see what colours it sparks off around my tub. I'm a sucker for anything Christmas related, let's be honest!

What are you loving from Lush?
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  1. Love the lush lip scrubs x

  2. i love lush in general but their bubble melts and massage bars especially!
    A Beautiful Zen

  3. Lovely post I have not tried the new Lush pud from this year but just love the Santa scrub but prefer Bubblegum as its a nice candy taste :P x
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  4. I am still yet to try out the lush lip scrubs, need to get them all since I know I will love them!

  5. I want the scrub but I know I'll never go through it haha!