Friday, 24 January 2014

8 Week Spending Ban

As I'm entering my 4th week of a beauty/fashion spending ban I decided it was time to speak about it on the blog. I started on the 1st January and it will end 28th February - I still may extend my ban though. I've lost count the amount of times I've told myself and others I'm on a spending ban and then before I know it I've popped into Boots and walked out with everything.. And still placed an order on ASOS. It's become apparent I've terrible at saving money so when I booked my holiday less than two weeks ago I knew I had to stick to this spending ban. I've set myself a few rules as follows:
  • No buying anything beauty related unless it's an essentials (such as shampoo, deodorant, lip balm etc)
  • Only repurchase products when others in my collection are empty
  • Allowed to continue subscribing to Birchbox at £12.95 per month
  • No buying any clothes unless they are for my holiday in September
  • A trip to the hair salon half way through is allowed
So have I brought anything so far?
Yes. A Carmex lip balm for £2 as I was completely out of any lip balms. A top from Primark for my holiday, on sale for £2. Making my spending for the first 3 weeks in total £4 - not bad at all.

Has anyone set themselves a spending ban?


  1. yup☺ since last November I have decided not to buy unnecessary beauty related products too!! It's fun in other way, right? ♥

  2. You've done so well so far! I'm awful at going into Boots/Superdrug and walking out with half the shop!

    Beauty by Alicee