Friday, 3 January 2014

Boxing Day/January Sales Haul

I've decided the start of this new year I'm putting myself on a spending ban for say the first 6 weeks, no beauty items, no fashion items and definitely not any shoes. I look back at the past year and wonder where my money goes. I spend a little on gigs and the travel side of it but the amount of clothes I have sitting around I've never even worn is ridiculous. Hopefully this year there will be a fair few of us going on holiday and hopefully V festival again. Plus, trips to Manchester, Liverpool, London and Leicester for a few gigs will more than likely wipe me out so do I really need anything else? No. I just want to point out anything in this haul was purchased prior to the New Year and I picked up some bargains.

I popped into Boots straight away. I did pick up a few other things but they were gifts for my Mum's birthday. This little 'post party beauty' kit set me back a fiver. I've been loving the 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution from L'Oreal and seen as it retails at £4.99 anyway I couldn't turn a basically free moisturiser could I? There was so many bargains in the Boots half price sale so I'd check it out while stocks last! I can't see this on Boots' website anywhere but it's available at Feel Unique for £6, HERE.

I always used to think the NEXT sale was a bit naff, still is really but I did find a load of these roll neck fine dogtooth printed tops for £8, down from £16 so obviously I grabbed one. Thinking of the hotter months that are ahead I'm sure this monochrome number could work well with a pop of colour on the bottom half.

Fred Perry always start their sale a few days before Christmas, and around the time of payday. I'm a massive fan of the brand and it's the only clothing items I indulge in money wise. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing they emailed me over an extra 15% off discount code for being a loyal customer though. I'm not complaining though. The quality of the polos are second to none and this reminds me something from the Amy Winehouse collection even though it isn't. This cost me £35.70 with my discount code, currently at £42 from £60 HERE. Fred Perry polo shirts really are an investment piece. 

Matalan isn't a shop I tend to shop in but I know they always have a good sale on their lingerie section which is the reason I stopped by. Me being me though couldn't resist a little look through the sale rails and stumbled across this geometric print shirt, £7 down from £14. I've been looking for something like this for ages. It's a little sheer and you might want to pop a another top underneath. They also had this available in red if blue isn't your colour. It's also available online to, HERE.

As you can imagine the sale in Topshop was manic on Boxing Day. I made a swift stop in there on my lunch break and I didn't have the patience to have a proper look and come 3 o'clock everything was in a bit of a mess but I did find this jacquard embossed style skater dress with a high neck collar. I loved the shape and style of this. Originally £30 and came in at half price for £15. They don't appear to have the black dress in stock online but I did spot similar ones HERE and HERE.

I did find there was a lot in the Dorothy Perkins sale but when I popped into Outfit which stocks the brand I found there were loads of variety and a lot better deals too. This jersey navy drop waist dress was £3. YES 3 ENGLISH POUNDS. Originally priced at £22. I can't find this anywhere online, imagine the frenzy if you found a basics item online though for a few quid.

I've made a little promise to myself this year to wear more jewellery. My collection is pretty much none existent apart from the odd few things here and there. I first stumbled across these different shaped rings and for £3 I couldn't turn them down.Then you can only imagine the look on my face when I discovered 3 matching necklaces for half price too, just £3.25. New Look really do have all the bargains every year don't they? I think I dropped on with these sets. 

One item I told myself I wanted to get was in fact a basic black skater skirt. This one was about 5 or 6 pound. Another embossed number but with a waffle like pattern going on. Something simple for the wardrobe and an easily layered number as Summer feels very far away right now. January blues..

Very very similar to the top I picked up in NEXT but I though hey what the hell I'll wear them so £5 isn't going to break the bank too much. Not entirely sure how to describe this pattern. Like a fine print tiling or something along those lines but well done to New Look again for a cracking sale.

I was if'ing and ar'ing over this dress but in the end I decided that I will wear it and it can always come out back to play when Autumn rolls back round again. Navy blue jacquard floral on black isn't something I'd usually go for but I really liked this one. Priced at £11, working out a little bit better than half price. They don't have this exact dress online but a very similar one can be found HERE.

That's everything now for a good few weeks on the clothes haul front anyway.
Which shops did you find had the best sales?


  1. You got some gorgeous things, I wish I had seen that Loreal set in Boots I would have definitely bought it!

  2. I love the tops!!

  3. Ohh you got some really lovely things! I love the last dress in particular <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Aww you got some lovely things, and what great bargains!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  5. I love that first top/dress! You made out like a bandit!

  6. Hello., I really enjoy reading your blog so I have nominated you for a liebster award! Check out my post on it to find out what it is about and the rules :-D