Sunday, 26 January 2014

Meet The Blogger #3

The latest from my 'Meet the Blogger' series comes from a lovely and hard working blogger/youtuber! If you're new to the series I ask some of my favourite bloggers to answer a few questions and share their blog as I think they deserve plenty more readers! Here's part three..
"Hi there! My name’s Beth and I have a little blog called My posts are mainly a mixture of lifestyle and beauty, but there’s a bit of fashion (not that I’m entirely fashionable) thrown in for good measure. You can expect posts about my beauty loves, and what I’m up to. I’m not an expert in any of these fields by any stretch of the imagination, but I am passionate about it, and love sharing things I’ve found. Oh, and sorry for the amount of pictures of my cat. I don’t take things too seriously (including myself), and absolutely love the community that comes with blogging! I also have a YouTube channel  ( where I natter about my life, review products, and show how I do certain things. They’re not really tutorials, as I’m not trained, but just my way of doing things!"

1. What made you start your blog? 
I’m not 100% to be honest. I think I was getting to a point in my life where I needed to change, get some variety, and some kind of creative outlet to get everything out. I previously have blogged in the writing field, but I’ve always been passionate about more lifestyle blogging and beauty products, so I thought why not! 
2. What's your must have product at all times?
Definitely lip balm, I get such dry lips. I love Carmex. 

3. Who inspires your style - fashion and make up choices?
Honestly, it’s other bloggers around me! I love seeing their choices and I really value their opinions. They’re the reason that I have no money! 

4. Who's your favourite well known blogger?
Probably Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter. She’s funny and down to earth, and is easy to relate to. 

5. And any underrated bloggers you think deserve more credit?
Yes! Oh gosh there are loads. How many am I allowed?? Here’s the first three I thought of:
Joanna from, Sarah from from

6. What is your favourite drugstore beauty brand? 
Hm, tough one! Either Collection or Bourjois
7. And your high end brand preference?
Probablyyyy, YSL or NARS 

8. What's your favourite clothing brand? Online and high street?
New Look and ASOS! Oh, I also love clothes from Asda and Tesco, they have some wicked stuff in there! 

9. Got any blogging tips you have learnt?
Network, network and network some more! Regularly updated content which is unique and the most important thing - have fun! 

10. What are your hair styling secrets? Products? Electrical's?
I wouldn’t say they’re really secrets, but I use Moroccon Argan Oil on the ends of my hair after washing, as the tips of my hair are dyed. I then brush it through with a paddle brush, and most of the time I’ll just leave it to try naturally. If I don’t have the time for that, then I’ll blow dry it upside down, which probably isn’t that good for my hair! Make sure you use heat protect spray, I don’t, bad Beth! Then if I’m going out I’ll just curl it with some standard curling tongs!  

11. And finally what do you want to achieve from blogging?
I don’t think I really have any particular goals. Mainly to meet lots of likeminded people and be able to keep on blogging for as long as I can!  

Here is where you can find Beth:
You can catch up with the rest of the 'Meet the Blogger' series HERE. Don't forget to check out the lovely Beth's blog either, she works so hard on it! 
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  1. I love this series, it's so nice to get to know bloggers you may not of heard of before! Keep it up :)
    Beauty by Alicee xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for the interview Lauren, it was a lot of fun! :) Beth xo